Creating the "Be Right Back" Scene

With Streamster, you can use GIF and JPG files as layers to set them up as “Be right back“, “Starting soon“, “End stream” or similar scenes.

Step 1. Create your “Be right back” background. We recommend using video or graphic design services like Canva. Save it as a GIF file. If you already have the scene as a video (MP4, MOV, etc.) use the online converter (like this one) to transform it into a GIF.

Step 2. Add the new layer to your stream scene in the Streamster desktop app. Select the “Image” button (1) for .jpg image files or the “Web page” button (2) for .gif files. If needed, read more articles:

How to set up a scene

How to add a GIF layer to your scene

Step 3. Click the “Maximize” button (1) to stretch your layer to full screen. Ensure that your “Be right back” layer is always on top of other layers. Otherwise, use the “Up” button (2) to bring it forward.

Step 4. Make the layer invisible.

Step 5.Once you need to show your “Be right back” scene to viewers, hover your mouse on the video preview and make the layer visible.

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Creating the "Be Right Back" Scene

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