Layer Settings

There are 2 ways to activate the layer settings menu in the Streamster desktop application:

1) Create a new layer by clicking the “Add layer” button in the left-down corner of your video preview. To see the option, move the cursor to the video screen.

2) Click on one of the existing layer names in the left-down corner of your video window. To see the option, move the cursor to the video screen.

1) Hide/show the layer. You are able to make the layer invisible to retrieve it to your scene later. 

2) Delete layer. Remove the layer if you don’t need it in your scene anymore.

3) Source. Check your current source or select a different one. Please note, that here you can’t change the source type: e.g., if the current layer is a web camera, you can switch it to a different web camera only. And if you require the screen capture layer, you have to create the new one.

4) Effects. Use our chosen video filters, or upload your custom LUT filter in PNG or CUBE format.

5) Zoom your video in and out. We recommend using controlled zoom instead: just move your mouse cursor over the area you want to zoom in and scroll up/down to zoom in/out.

6) Flip your video horizontally if needed (a mirror effect).

7) Change layer order by moving the layer Up or Down.

8) Click the Maximize button to stretch the current layer to full screen.

9) Click the Close button to get back to channels settings.

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Layer Settings

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