Operating Multiple Stream Sources

Streamster allows connecting multiple devices simultaneously. You can use the same Streamster account on multiple mobile devices using the Streamster mobile app, and multiple computers using external encoders or the Streamster desktop app. If Streamster is online on several devices, the web app may be used to switch your stream source between these devices.

Go to the “Live stream” section (1). Expand the “Status” block (2) and switch it to the “Devices” view (3). Here you can find the video sources of all connected devices:

– external encoder if you stream with OBS or different streaming software to the Streamster server;

– all PC webcams if you stream with the Streamster desktop app;

– front and back cameras if you stream with a smartphone.

Click on the needed source to choose it for your live stream. 

Please note, that if switching between different devices, the live stream is interrupted for a moment and recovers within seconds. If switching between cameras on the same device, the stream is not interrupted.

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Operating Multiple Stream Sources

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