Pricing Plans Overview

When you log in to your account dashboard for the first time, the Free tariff plan is assigned to your account. You can switch your plan to the paid one at any time. We recommend testing Streamster services with the Free account before purchasing the paid one to make sure everything works fine.

Streamster offers 2 types of pricing plans: monthly subscriptions and pay-per-use.

With a subscription, you are charged a fixed amount once a month and our paid services are available for you 24/7 without any time limitations.

With pay-per-use plans, you are charged only when you stream to our servers. To start using the pay-per-use plan, you need to refill your account first with any amount starting from $1.

Streamster is based in Estonia, so if you’re from EU, an additional VAT tax amount will be added to your bill unless you have the EU VAT number. The tax amount varies from 16% to 27% depending on your country. Read more about VAT tax in EU.

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Pricing Plans Overview

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