Choosing the Right Plan

Streamster has 4 types of paid plans (Lite, Regular, Professional, and Premium) and 2 types of pricing logic (monthly subscriptions and usage fees). Choosing the best plan for you depends on several main factors:

  1. How many platforms you need to stream to?
  2. What video quality you need?
  3. Do you need to have different preferences for different platforms?

FREE plan is perfect if you need to stream to 1 or 2 channels with the 720p resolution (as 4000 Kbps bitrate which is maximum for the plan is not recommended for higher resolution). 

LITE plan is suitable for you if you need to stream to up to 4 platforms simultaneously with the maximum resolution of 1080p (with the same video quality for each channel). The plan is available as a monthly subscription ($15/month) or on pay-per-use basis ($0.48/hour). VPN feature is included. 

REGULAR plan has the 6 channels limit and 10000 Kbps bitrate that ensures good quality for 1080p or even 2K streams. It also provides the transcoding feature for 1080p/720p videos, so you may set up different preferences for different platforms. The plan is available as a monthly subscription ($30/month) or you can pay per use ($0.96/hour). 

PROFESSIONAL plan has the 8 channels and 15000 Kbps bitrate limits so it is perfect for 2K/4K streaming. It also provides transcoding but with higher resolution/FPS limits and available as a subscription ($50/month) or with usage payments ($1.56/hour). 

PREMIUM plan is our max tier offer with up to 10 channels and 25000 Kbps bitrate is perfect for ultra-high quality streams. Also available as a subscription ($75/month) or on pay-per-use basis ($1.92/hour). 

If none of our pricing plans suits your needs, please apply this form and we’ll offer an individual solution for you.

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Choosing the Right Plan

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