Streamster Affiliate Program (Paykickstart)

Getting started with the Streamster affiliate program step-by-step guide:

2. Click the “Request to promote” button.

3. We use the Paykickstart affiliate service to track and manage affiliates. That’s why the affiliate program participation requires the Paykickstart account, which is different from your Streamster account if you have one. If you already have Paykickstart account, please log in using your credentials. Otherwise, create a new one.

4. Select the one or several pages that suit you the most among our landing pages. This is your personal link, and you will receive the commission from each sale to users who have visited our website using your link.

5. (optional) If needed, you can create a custom affiliate link to any page of our website. Click the “Show all affiliate links” button first.

6. (optional) Click the “Create New Tracking Link” button. Name this link (1) paste any Streamster webpage URL to the “Destination URL” field (2) and click the “Save” button (4). Make sure that the “Override Default Destination URL” option (3) is enabled.

7. Now you can post links over the internet or send them to your friends!

8. Optionally, you can offer your referrals a personal promo code for our special offers. To get it, please submit this form.

9. To see your sales statistics, go to the “Commissions” section in the main menu of the affiliates portal. There you can check the transactions of your customers and your profits.

10. The minimum payout is $20. We make payments once a month if this amount has been reached. You can get your payout with a wire transfer, PayPal, or cryptocurrency. Once a $20 profit is reached, we’ll contact you for your payment details.

If needed, watch our step-by-step video tutorial.

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Streamster Affiliate Program (Paykickstart)

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