Getting started

Download & Sign Up

Streamster mobile app is available on the App Store and Google Play as a free app.

Creating a Streamster account is required to use the mobile app. There are 2 ways how your free account can be created:

Method 1. Registering an account within the mobile app. Once the app is downloaded and installed, launch it and click the “Create account” button.


Method 2. Create an account in the Streamster web app at

Please note, that your Streamster credentials can be used to log in to any Streamster product, including the desktop app, web app, and mobile app.

Setting Up Streaming Channels

Currently, streaming channels for the Streamster mobile app can be created in the browser on your PC. Once the channel is set up, it is available in the mobile app. For most streaming platforms, you can use a single setup for multiple streaming sessions, thus using a computer is required only for the initial setting.

Step 1. Sign in to the Streamster web app on your computer.

Step 2. Enter the “Live stream” section (1), and click the “Add channel” button (3) in the “Restreaming destinations” area (2).

Step 3. Add and set up the streaming channel (the platform you want to stream to). If needed, set up multiple channels. 

Please note. The number of platforms you can stream to simultaneously depends on your pricing plan.

Step 4. Launch the app with the same credentials you used for the web app.


Step 5. Your streaming channels are set up already and ready for the stream! Click the “Stream to cloud” button to make sure that your connection is fine. If needed, switch your camera and change your video preferences. Then tap on the platform icon to start your stream there.



Streaming from Your Mobile Device

Step 1. Launch your Streamster mobile app.

Step 3. Select your front or back camera (1).


Step 4. Set your stream resolution, FPS and bitrate (2). Read more about bitrate settings.


Step 5. Tap the “Stream to cloud” button.

Step 6. Tap the platform logo to start your stream there. 

Controlling the Web Camera Stream Remotely

Step 3. Click the “Start streaming” button.

Step 4. Launch your Streamster Mobile app with the same credentials.

Step 5. Use controls on your mobile device to manage your stream from the desktop:
– Turn on the video preview to see your video (1);
– Tap the “Zoom” button to zoom in/out your video (2);
– Tap the “Sources” button to switch the video between cameras, including your smartphone cameras if needed (3);
– Tap the “Settings” button to mute audio, change video preferences, etc (4);
– Tap the channel button to start/stop live stream to the specific platform (5);
– Tap the “Stream to cloud” button to start/stop live stream to all channels at once (6);
– Tap the “Record” button to record the video and save it on your PC.

Check out this short demonstration video to see how it works.

Controlling the Stream from OBS Remotely

Step 1. Sign in to the Streamster web app and Streamster mobile app with the same credentials. 

Step 2. Set up your streaming channel(s) in the Streamster web app.

Step 3. Launch OBS, and set up your streaming scene.

Step 5. In the Streamster mobile app, make sure that the “External Encoder” video source is selected. Click on the “gear” icon and select the “External Encoder”.

Step 6. Start and stop your stream in your Streamster mobile app by taping the platform(s) icon(s).