Getting started with Streamster

Which Streamster Product to Choose?

Streamster Desktop App (for Windows) is software for creating a video scene and stream it to multiple destinations. You can use your web camera(s), or your screen, browser, etc. as a video source. A number of customization options are available: video filters, zoom, overlays, and other tools to make your live stream perfect. So if you have a Windows PC and need an all-in-one tool to create and multistream your live video, Streamster App for Windows is all you need – just download and install it. Creating an account is not required for using Streamster App, however, it makes additional features available. The basic version of the app is free to use.

Streamster web app is available in the web browser. First, it can be used to manage your Streamster account: change the pricing plan, edit the profile information, check streaming statistics, etc. So no matter which Streamster product you use, the web app is useful for you. 

Also, the Streamster web app can be used for multistreaming. If you prefer using a different software (e.g. OBS) to create your live stream scene and plan to use Streamster for multistreaming only, there’s no need to download and install any additional software. Streaming channels set up and management are carried out in your browser. The app is available both for Mac and PC. The app is also compatible with mobile browsers, but certain features are unavailable there.

Streamster Business Studio is an extended version of web app which is design to operate multiple streamers’ accounts.

Streamster mobile app is a tool for multistreaming from the mobile device and/or controlling your PC stream from your smartphone. The app is free and available in the Play Market and App Store.

Please note, that before using the app, your account is required to be set up on your computer using Streamster App or Streamster web app.

Creating an Account

Creating a Streamster account is required for using Streamster web app and Streamster mobile app. For Streamster desktop app, creating an account is optional, however, it makes more features available even with the Free pricing plan.

With a Streamster account, you can:
– Have your streaming settings saved when logging in from different devices;
– Use several devices for streaming at the same time;
– Monitor your live streaming statistics;
– Get more support from our team.

Account Settings

Changing Username, Email, or Password

Changing the username is currently unavailable with Streamster. If a new username is required for you, creating a new account is the only way. If you have a certain amount on your deposit and want to transfer it to the new account, please contact our support team.

To change the email address, associated with your account, please contact our support team via email or via online chat in your account dashboard.

The password can be changed in your account dashboard in the “Profile” section. Otherwise, please use the password reset link.

Switching to Business Account

If you need to manage multiple content creators, you can switch your account to business in your “Profile” section. Please note that this action is irreversible.

Deleting Your Account

When you delete Streamster account, the following data is constantly deleted from Streamster servers:
– Your username, password and email address.
– Your streaming channels settings.
– Your active subscriptions.

Method 1. Deleting your account in your users' dashboard.

Step 1. Log in to your account at Please use the password recovery form if you forget your username or password.

Step 2. Open the Profile section.

Step 3. Click the Delete Account button.

Step 4. Confirm deleting your account,

Method 2. Deleting your account in the Streamster mobile app.

Step 1. Run your Streamster mobile app and log in to your account.

Step 2. Tap the “i” button in the main menu.

Step 3. Tap the “Delete account” button.

Step 4. Confirm deletion of your account.

Method 3. Creating the account deletion request.

You can also send us the free form account deletion request using your registration email. If you don’t access your email, don’t hesitate to contact us by creating a support ticket

Billing & Payments

Pricing Plans Overview

When you log in to your account dashboard for the first time, the Free tariff plan is assigned to your account. You can switch your plan to the paid one at any time. We recommend testing Streamster services with the Free account before purchasing the paid one to make sure everything works fine.

Streamster offers 2 types of pricing plans: monthly subscriptions and pay-per-use.

With a subscription, you are charged a fixed amount once a month and our paid services are available for you 24/7 without any time limitations.

With pay-per-use plans, you are charged only when you stream to our servers. To start using the pay-per-use plan, you need to refill your account first with any amount starting from $1.

Streamster is based in Estonia, so if you’re from EU, an additional VAT tax amount will be added to your bill unless you have the EU VAT number. The tax amount varies from 16% to 27% depending on your country. Read more about VAT tax in EU.

Choosing the Right Plan

Streamster has 4 types of paid plans (Lite, Regular, Professional, and Premium) and 2 types of pricing logic (monthly subscriptions and usage fees). Choosing the best plan for you depends on several main factors:

  1. How many platforms you need to stream to?
  2. What video quality you need?
  3. Do you need to have different preferences for different platforms?

FREE plan is perfect if you need to stream to 1 or 2 channels with the 720p resolution (as 4000 Kbps bitrate which is maximum for the plan is not recommended for higher resolution). 

LITE plan is suitable for you if you need to stream to up to 4 platforms simultaneously with the maximum resolution of 1080p (with the same video quality for each channel). The plan is available as a monthly subscription ($15/month) or on pay-per-use basis ($0.48/hour). VPN feature is included. 

REGULAR plan has the 6 channels limit and 10000 Kbps bitrate that ensures good quality for 1080p or even 2K streams. It also provides the transcoding feature for 1080p/720p videos, so you may set up different preferences for different platforms. The plan is available as a monthly subscription ($30/month) or you can pay per use ($0.96/hour). 

PROFESSIONAL plan has the 8 channels and 15000 Kbps bitrate limits so it is perfect for 2K/4K streaming. It also provides transcoding but with higher resolution/FPS limits and available as a subscription ($50/month) or with usage payments ($1.56/hour). 

PREMIUM plan is our max tier offer with up to 10 channels and 25000 Kbps bitrate is perfect for ultra-high quality streams. Also available as a subscription ($75/month) or on pay-per-use basis ($1.92/hour). 

If none of our pricing plans suits your needs, please apply this form and we’ll offer an individual solution for you.

Payment Methods

Currently, Streamster has the following payment methods:

Credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and some other card brands, as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay. We support 135+ currencies. Read more about supported card brands.

PayPal. If you have a PayPal account, you can use it to pay for our services. You also can pay with a credit card using the PayPal payment processor.

Cryptocurrency. You can also use Crypto to pay for the subscription or refill your account. We support all main cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Please note, that for this method it needs some time to proceed with the payment. Usually, it takes 5-15 minutes, but sometimes it can take up to couple of hours.

User balance. You can deposit any amount in advance and use it to pay for any Streamster paid plan. If you choose this method to purchase the subscription, it will be renewed automatically using the account balance.

Subscription Settings

You can control your subscriptions on the “Pricing plan” page of your web app:

To switch your current subscription, go to the “Pricing plan” page (1), select the “Per month” option (2), choose the needed plan and click the “Select” button (3)

By default, the automatic renewal for the subscription is on. It means that your subscription will be renewed automatically once it has expired and you’ll be charged according to the chosen payment method. To cancel automatic renewal, go to the “Pricing plans” section and click the “Cancel automatic renewal” button. Once it is done, your subscription will be active until the expiration date and your account will be switched to the Free plan once the paid subscription is expired.

To change your payment method or download your invoices, go to the “Pricing plans” section and click the “Manage subscription” button.

Pay-Per-Use Plans

The service is provided on a prepayment basis. Before switching your tariff to any pay-per-use plan, you need to add to your Streamster deposit any amount starting from $1. Once your balance reaches $0, your plan is automatically changed to “Free”.

For pay-per-use plans, we charge for every minute the live stream is being broadcast to our server.

  1. For the Streamster desktop app, we start charging for the service once you click “Stream to cloud” button.
  2. For the Streamster web app, we start charging for the service one the stream from external encoder to our server is started.
  3. For the Streamster mobile app, we start charging for the service once you click “Stream to cloud” button.

Keep in mind, that the tariff is the same no matter how many targets you are multistreaming to, and it is corresponds to the selected plan.

Changing tariffs is free of charge. Thus, you can switch between paid pay-per-use tariffs or select the Free tariff at any time without any limitations. Please note that changes take effect once you restart the app.

Discounts / Bonuses

Streamster offer bonuses for adding funds to your account and use it for either our monthly subscriptions or pay-per-use plans. The more funds you add, the higher bonus you get: 
$0-99 + 0%
$100-199 + 10%
$200-499 + 20%
$500-999 + 30%
$1000-4999 + 40%
$5000+ (contact us)
For example, if you add a $150 deposit to your account, we will add an extra 10%. This means you’ll receive $150 + $15, making Streamster services 10% cheaper for you.


For subscriptions, we complete refunds requested within 5 days after the payment was completed. This period may be extended if you didn’t use our service after the transaction.

Reward Programs

Reward Programs Overview

We believe that Streamster helps live content creators make their streams more exciting, and often more profitable. We invite users to join our affiliate program to help us tell the world about our products and earn some cash. With our business model, our affiliates can earn a commission on sales through affiliate links.

No matter if you have a big audience on your online resources, or just have a couple of friends who may be interested in Streamster. Just share your Streamster affiliate link and you’ll get a 20% commission on all sales to users who join with a partner’s affiliate links, lifetime! Get your payout once you earn at least $20.  

Your referrals can get additional benefits from creating an account using your link. On your choice, offer them a free month of using Streamster services or a 10% lifetime discount for any Streamster subscription. Apply for your personal promo code and offer it to your referrals to get one of these benefits.

Streamster Referral Program

Referral program rewards

Referral reward. If the Streamster account is created with the referral link/code, the new user gets $10 on his balance. These funds can be used to purchase any Streamster paid plans, including subscriptions or service usage time. 

Affiliate reward. Once the referred user purchases any paid subscription, the affiliate gets $10 on his referral account plus 10% of the plan’s price. Besides, he gets 10% from any purchases of the referred user, including subscription rebills and balance top-up, lifetime. Funds from the referral balance can be used to pay for any Streamster services or be withdrawn as a cash.

Getting started with the referral program

Step 1. Create an account with Streamster and log in to your account.

Step 2. Select the “Refer a friend” section on the main menu. 

Step 3. Copy your Sign up link (1) or Promo code (2).

Creating referred accounts

Sign up using the promo code. Streamster registration page has the “Referral code” field, which can be expanded by clicking the “Have a referral code?” link.

Sign up using the referral link. Once the invitee follows the referral link, he is redirected to the registration form with the referral code already inserted. 

Withdrawing your reward

To use funds from the referral balance, click the “Withdraw” button

You can withdraw your reward as cash (1), or transfer it to your deposit to pay for Streamster services (2). 

If choosing the “Transfer to deposit” option, funds are transferred to your deposit immediately.

If creating a withdrawal request, our team will contact you within 2 business days to discuss transfer details. We accept PayPal, wire transfers, or crypto currency.

Streamster Affiliate Program (Paykickstart)

Getting started with the Streamster affiliate program step-by-step guide:

2. Click the “Request to promote” button.

3. We use the Paykickstart affiliate service to track and manage affiliates. That’s why the affiliate program participation requires the Paykickstart account, which is different from your Streamster account if you have one. If you already have Paykickstart account, please log in using your credentials. Otherwise, create a new one.

4. Select the one or several pages that suit you the most among our landing pages. This is your personal link, and you will receive the commission from each sale to users who have visited our website using your link.

5. (optional) If needed, you can create a custom affiliate link to any page of our website. Click the “Show all affiliate links” button first.

6. (optional) Click the “Create New Tracking Link” button. Name this link (1) paste any Streamster webpage URL to the “Destination URL” field (2) and click the “Save” button (4). Make sure that the “Override Default Destination URL” option (3) is enabled.

7. Now you can post links over the internet or send them to your friends!

8. Optionally, you can offer your referrals a personal promo code for our special offers. To get it, please submit this form.

9. To see your sales statistics, go to the “Commissions” section in the main menu of the affiliates portal. There you can check the transactions of your customers and your profits.

10. The minimum payout is $20. We make payments once a month if this amount has been reached. You can get your payout with a wire transfer, PayPal, or cryptocurrency. Once a $20 profit is reached, we’ll contact you for your payment details.

If needed, watch our step-by-step video tutorial.


Issues With the Log In to the Account

Once you try to log in to your account, you see the error message “Wrong username/password or your account is not active“.

– Make sure that you’re using the correct username, which may be different from your email address. If you forget your username, you can search for your Streamster registration email in your mailbox to find the username there. Otherwise, you can start with the reset password procedure and find your username in the email you receive.
– Make sure that you’re using the correct password. You can reset it using this link.
– If it didn’t help, please contact our support team.

The web page is not loaded, or you can see any other error message.

Verification Email Wasn't Delivered

Once you create an account with Streamster, you receive the welcome email. This email contains the verification link. Until you follow this link, your account is unverified and some of Streamster features may be limited for you.

If you don’t receive the verification email, follow these steps to verify your account: 

Step 1. Check your Spam folder

Step 2. Click the “Resend the verification e-mail” link in the warning text.

Step 3. Contact our support team to change your email address or verify your account manually.

Payment Issues

If you have an issue with payment by your credit card, please contact your bank for more info.

If you paid with cryptocurrency and we didn’t process your payment, please keep in mind that it can take some time. If your payment still has not been accepted for one hour or more, please contact our support team.